Color Correction Services Raw Color Correction ($0.12/image)
JPEG Color Correction ( $0.14/image)

We ensure that they are light balanced and adjusted to the correct tonal range.
Adjustments include Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation and Tone Curves.

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Image Selection From $0.02 per image

We look through your event and narrow the images down to all the good photos while removing images that are out-of-focus, over/underexposed. Our culling work is all done by editors who are wedding photographers themselves, so all criteria from image quality to image content is carefully weighed to make you look your best.

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Creative Retouching Starting at $2.00 per Face

From easy changes like black and white conversion and dodging and burning to complete make-overs involving head swaps and body contouring, editingtouch talented team can do it all! You specify your priorities, and we speed through the work.

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